PIXIV P1: 'Animabruma'

PIXIV P1: ‘Animabruma’

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> http://kisuki.net/wallpapers/original-art/item44

To me PIXIV is a large and formidably talented community. What chance do I have in a sea of brilliant art?! But since P-1 Grand Prix is for Rookies, I thought I’d give it a try anyway. Huge thanks to Tatekane, Yina and Otaku99 for the crit!

If you want to learn more about my thoughts on this, you may skip to the last section for my personal opinion on ecchi walls.


1. Ref

The contest rules announced that we were free to pick our theme from any of the four seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. In the old days, I was known as Orenji-kun because everything I drew would inevitably end up

  • a) Orange,
  • b) a sunset, or
  • c) all of the above.

In the old days I would have picked autumn and produced something blazingly citrus.

However I have since mellowed into a blue supporter- it’s easier on the eyes at 3am. I was inspired by one of Shilin’s artworks, and though I didn’t realize it then, three very old drawings of my own: Witch, my commission for Sachi and Einsehen.

Cold Moonlight- by Shilin Commission- Cold Moonlight by Shilin
Witch Witch (HECATE/original)
commission for Sachi Commission- for Sachi (Ragnarok Online)
Einsehen Einsehen (original)

2. Sketch

I started sketching on the paper tablecloths at a nearby Burgoo. Crayons and extra large table paper- yeah, I’m classy that way…

Though since the crayons and paper are there for people to draw while they wait for the food, I think nothing of tearing up the paper and taking my sketch home with me- of course I tried not to drip raspberry cheesecake sauce anywhere near the drawing before rolling it up.

I later drew lineart (!!!) a rare thing for me- I hate lineart, but I will go through the hoohah for important things like contests. My lineart is very simple, hardly any variation in line weight. Honestly my sketches rarely ever show what the finished work will be like. I don’t know why I bother…

3. Texture

One of my favorite texture resources Bittbox recently uploaded a beautiful set called Abstract Blue Crystal- lovely! I combined images to get the textured base, which is darker than what the colors will be like. I like to work from dark to light, but plenty of people do it the other way around. It comes down to personal preference!



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4. Basecolors

At this stage I usually work with 3 layers: textured Base layer at the bottom, Lineart at the very top, and Basecolors in between them. I had the idea of adding in a tiger (deformed) and a peacock- as space filler probably.

There was also an amusing exchange between Yina and myself:

Yina: srsly your wips
Tsu: hmm
I’ll work on that
Yina: i dont see where this is going
Tsu: o 3o
all my wips are like that



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5. More texture

More texture! I will use photographs as texture from time to time- it usually works very well with nature photography. The artificially straight lines of human architecture are a problem however, so I don’t advise using ‘man-made’ photos as texture unless you know what you’re doing.

That said, texture is fun, easy, and cheap. Go play with it! You may like the results! Of course, it will require cleanup- but that’s part of the fun right?

Guys? Hello….?



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6. Details

Tatekane looked over my WIP and saved my arse by kindly making corrections to the character’s leg and shoulder. Thanks Tateng, I owe you (again).

At this stage I usually have 4~5 layers; I like to keep the details layer separate from everything else so TIP! if I need more contrast I duplicate the details layer. Lazy, but it works! I don’t like making lots of layers for every part of the drawing- it takes so much time to organize bajillions of layers, it makes the filesize ridiculously heavy and Photoshop is more likely to crash. DO NOT WANT.

The exceptions for this are small details like hands or the face, which I will do on a separate layer then merge down when I am satisfied.

7. Snow

Happy Cirno Day by Shingenjitsu

I am an idiot.

Yina: snow will be added right?
Tsu: …….
all the symbols of winter
Yina: it looks tropical to me
Tsu: and I never thought of snow
Yina: …………………………….
god you’re so cute XDDDD
*runs to tell taku*

(〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

8. Lighting

Lighting tweaked. Since there’s not much in the background, making everything darker like this makes the atmosphere much more ominous.

Care to stop for a song, traveler? kekekeke



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9. Finished!


Regarding ecchi, a long long time ago on AnimePaper, helix-designs formed a group called NEWA- ‘Non-ecchi Wallers Association’. The goal was to make wallpapers that had more effort instead of being (to quote him) ‘just one pic scan of some girl in her panties/bathing suit etc’. I think back then we were just annoyed at seeing boobs and butts all over the AP frontpage- everyday. Every day.

One group however, Ecchi World, interpreted it as ‘anti-ecchi walls’ instead of just being about walls that were not ecchi. War threads sprouted in both group forums.

I don’t think anyone ever took it seriously, it was more for laughs and to wake inactive members into action. Granted, over the years some of us NEWA people mellowed out with seniority and produced an ecchi wall or two. In the long run, everything you do doesn’t have to be this life-or-death, feminism-versus male egotism bastion of justice. A wallpaper is just a wallpaper, after all. Everybody chill!

As for myself, it’s a design element. Since the character’s skin stands out, it leads the eye around. There is symbolism in this wallpaper, but I’m not about to point them out- whether you see them or not, is fine.